Creation of clinical notes

Psychiatry at The Region of Southern Denmark

The department has 22.000 outpatient surgeries pr. year. For each surgery, a clinical note is written to document the procedure, ensure reimbursement, and tick the required checkboxes in the medical journal.

Previously, the medical doctors dictated the notes on tape and at a later time the notes were typed by the secretaries. With Sirenia RPA, the notes are written immediately when the surgery is completed. The doctors initiate the robot where an input form for surgery specific clinical information is shown. The medical doctor enters the data and the robot creates the clinical note within seconds. For some surgeries, there are measurements of eyes, glasses, etc. Those measurements are automatically retrieved by the robot and entered at the right places in the clinical note.

Clinical notes are now done in real-time. Risk of typing incorrect data into the note is reduced and the overall time used is significantly less than before using the robots. And the medical doctors are very happy that clinical notes are now available in real-time.