Our primary target industry is healthcare since this is where our domain knowledge is greatest.


  • Allergy packages for Odense University Hospital, Denmark
    For patients with allergies or intolerances to certain medications, for example, a penicillin allergy, it is important to register all the drugs that can cause this allergy. It is done by registering the ATC code (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical), which is a cumbersome and time-consuming task.
  • Context management with EHR for The Region of Northern Denmark
    Sirenia’s Context Manager is used to ensure context synchronization between third-party systems and the new Electronic Health Record being deployed throughout the region of northern Denmark.
  • Creation of clinical notes for Psychiatry at The Region of Southern Denmark
    The department has 22.000 outpatient surgeries pr. year. For each surgery, a clinical note is written to document the procedure, ensure reimbursement, and tick the required checkboxes in the medical journal.
  • Consultation registration for Odense University Hospital, Denmark, Eye Department
    The region has approximately 150.000 outpatient consultations pr. year. For each patient visit, the medical journal must be updated to register the consultation. At the same time, registration for reimbursement is done.
  • Transfer data to quality of treatment database for Odense University Hospital, Denmark, ENT Department
    Healthcare is characterized by having a multitude of clinical quality databases covering the various clinical disciplines, e.g., cancer, heart diseases, apoplexia, etc. For some of those databases, there is no data interface, or the vendors of the clinical systems have not implemented the integration.